Back To Memory Lane

by wanderingsurrealist

Passed by my university after dropping off Julia with JC, her bf. It was a breath of fresh air for me and JC. Haven’t been there for a long time. So fun seeing students especially those from my college. I recall hanging around the area after our late classes. During our 3rd until 5th year, we had these classes that end at 9 pm. Thinking of what to wear to parties, which club to go to, where to hang after class, and the list goes on are basically what we worry about. Now, reality has bitten us in the ass big time. Time to grow up. Though we saw it coming. Done with the denial stage where we still don’t see ourselves as grown ups. Lol

Been practicing for almost 4 years and frankly speaking, I’m not that close to what I want to be doing (as a professional). I always liked planning in general and wanted to work for a planning firm. Right now, I’m working for a design firm which does architectural and interior designs, no master/urban planning happening. 😦 But I’m practically young in my profession and do hope to get that stint again. *fingers crossed* I’m learning a lot from my boss. He’s of one of the best architects here in the Philippines like his dad. Just waiting for the right timing. There are other things I wanna do also like learn to play the violin, do graphics design, go to grad school, and do more of my arts. 🙂 Hope I’d get to do them soon.
20120906-223803.jpgJulia & me. We’re officemates! 🙂 This was a denim-on-denim day.

20120906-223939.jpgWith some of my college friends during Denise’s birthday celebration. We were incomplete though.