Started with Words then Some Sketches

by wanderingsurrealist

This is me. Talking to myself. Being sane and crazy at the same time.

I have never seen myself writing a blog. Always been frustrated with writing (in general). Growing up, I have not been really good with words – especially with spelling. *wink* Now, doing my work mails, I often times think twice (or more) if I have relayed my thoughts correctly and clearly. This includes double-checking typos. *wink wink*

My best friend Julia started her blog a year ago. It’s basically about fashion which is her passion. And she suggested me making my own about my sketches and art works. Currently, I’m trying to hone my skills and know my style in arts.

I made this sketch (which I will post soon) which a friend saw and commented “Salvador Dali, is that you?” Honestly, I had no clue who that guy was and tried google-ing him. Apparently he’s an surrealist painter. I browsed through my sketchbook and found out I have been doing quite a few surrealisms which I wasn’t aware of until that night. And just this afternoon at work, was in a slump and couldn’t work, I sketched on my memo pad and voila! Another surrealism! I guess this is probably my style since I love doing random sketches which most of the times don’t make sense at all. But this is just me talking at the present and wouldn’t know what will happen in the next months. Years. But oh well. I’m just enjoying this skill I got. šŸ™‚

20120905-171812.jpgThis is a sketch I did a year or 2 years ago. I was bored at work (during a meeting if I recall correctly). I’m a piscean and liked drawing this after my brother got inked with this cool koi fish on his arm. And soon after got another on his leg as part of a leg sleeve (not sure about the term – btw, I love inventing terms. *wink*)

This is a preview of what this blog is all about. But is not limited to just my art. I do enjoy other simple stuff like dressing up, eating and wandering around. So this is basically about random stuff about me. ‘Til then! šŸ™‚