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Month: September, 2012

Doodle-ing is What I Love Doing

Doodle-ing has been a form of relaxation for me. I never had any formal art classes except from those visual techniques classes we had in architecture school. Which was basically freestyle classes – draw this, render this and that, do your own thing, professors we had didn’t teach us the right techniques. Sink or swim. Haha But I loved it. Got high marks on those classes! 🙂

I recall back in hs, I was in this group where we sat at the back of the classroom and pass around this notebook and talk about random stuff. Each member thought of a character he liked that time and drew his character whenever chatting. My character was a winged sorcerer. We all had different styles in drawing which was fun. It was crazy in a cool way. Our characters were pretty much inclined with PlayStation RPGs we loved playing back then. Very nostalgic. Prior to this, grade school days, we played this anime card game – Dragon Ball Z to be exact. Me and my brother tried to copy the characters on every card. 🙂

As I started working, I got this habit of doodle-ing random shapes then add shades and shadows or apply techniques I learned from my friends in college. I often do this during my meetings or whenever I feel like spacing out. 🙂 I think I’m a seasonal insomniac. Mind you, I fall asleep quickly. My college friends even told me I have natural valiums in my system. 😉 But from time to time, I get these sleepless nights. 2011 was the year I learned so many things about myself – what I want to do more of in general. Writing and doing more of art (sketching & painting) are a couple on the list. December of 2011, I decided to document these doodles since I’ve been doing a lot. And couldn’t sleep that moment. :p

This a time-lapse drawing which I call “Midnight Snack: Fish Doodle” – markers & colored pencils on paper




20120917-233338.jpgThis is the first time (I think) I noticed that my style is somewhat textured. The pisces sign was present again – still perfecting this ’til now. Random shapes and patterns with hint of colors (which were the only survivors of my colored pencil set from college. Lol). Just went with the flow until the page was covered with these randomness.

Me and my weird imagination. Telling more about myself. ‘Til then! 🙂


Back To Memory Lane

Passed by my university after dropping off Julia with JC, her bf. It was a breath of fresh air for me and JC. Haven’t been there for a long time. So fun seeing students especially those from my college. I recall hanging around the area after our late classes. During our 3rd until 5th year, we had these classes that end at 9 pm. Thinking of what to wear to parties, which club to go to, where to hang after class, and the list goes on are basically what we worry about. Now, reality has bitten us in the ass big time. Time to grow up. Though we saw it coming. Done with the denial stage where we still don’t see ourselves as grown ups. Lol

Been practicing for almost 4 years and frankly speaking, I’m not that close to what I want to be doing (as a professional). I always liked planning in general and wanted to work for a planning firm. Right now, I’m working for a design firm which does architectural and interior designs, no master/urban planning happening. 😦 But I’m practically young in my profession and do hope to get that stint again. *fingers crossed* I’m learning a lot from my boss. He’s of one of the best architects here in the Philippines like his dad. Just waiting for the right timing. There are other things I wanna do also like learn to play the violin, do graphics design, go to grad school, and do more of my arts. 🙂 Hope I’d get to do them soon.
20120906-223803.jpgJulia & me. We’re officemates! 🙂 This was a denim-on-denim day.

20120906-223939.jpgWith some of my college friends during Denise’s birthday celebration. We were incomplete though.

Started with Words then Some Sketches

This is me. Talking to myself. Being sane and crazy at the same time.

I have never seen myself writing a blog. Always been frustrated with writing (in general). Growing up, I have not been really good with words – especially with spelling. *wink* Now, doing my work mails, I often times think twice (or more) if I have relayed my thoughts correctly and clearly. This includes double-checking typos. *wink wink*

My best friend Julia started her blog a year ago. It’s basically about fashion which is her passion. And she suggested me making my own about my sketches and art works. Currently, I’m trying to hone my skills and know my style in arts.

I made this sketch (which I will post soon) which a friend saw and commented “Salvador Dali, is that you?” Honestly, I had no clue who that guy was and tried google-ing him. Apparently he’s an surrealist painter. I browsed through my sketchbook and found out I have been doing quite a few surrealisms which I wasn’t aware of until that night. And just this afternoon at work, was in a slump and couldn’t work, I sketched on my memo pad and voila! Another surrealism! I guess this is probably my style since I love doing random sketches which most of the times don’t make sense at all. But this is just me talking at the present and wouldn’t know what will happen in the next months. Years. But oh well. I’m just enjoying this skill I got. 🙂

20120905-171812.jpgThis is a sketch I did a year or 2 years ago. I was bored at work (during a meeting if I recall correctly). I’m a piscean and liked drawing this after my brother got inked with this cool koi fish on his arm. And soon after got another on his leg as part of a leg sleeve (not sure about the term – btw, I love inventing terms. *wink*)

This is a preview of what this blog is all about. But is not limited to just my art. I do enjoy other simple stuff like dressing up, eating and wandering around. So this is basically about random stuff about me. ‘Til then! 🙂

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